Life Cycle says it's logged no visits, but I've got my phone with me all the time.

This is not an issue with Life Cycle, but more likely with your phone's location services. It affects Life Cycle in the way that the app doesn't pick up any of your vists. Other services that uses this feature within iOS, will also be affected eventually. This can be a new thing for you, or it can happen when you change to a new phone or update your OS. While the issue is known within iOS, it's quite rare.

To find out if you have this bug, do the following:

Go into Settings and then Privacy.

Go into Location Services.

Scroll down to almost the bottom, where you see an option called System Services.

Once there, scroll down again, until you arrive to Frequent Locations. Click on that.

Once there, you'll see a group of location based on your phone's whereabouts.

Try to find the latest logged location. It's most likely your home, or your work / school, or something else you do frequently, like everyday.

If you have this issue, then your latest logged visit here will be before, or at the time, Life Cycle stopped working for you.

If you have this problem, your phone has an issue with its location services. We advise you to update to iOS10.3.3, which have been known more often than not, to resolve the issue.

If this doesn't help, then we suggest you contact Apple for further support and advise. They are aware of the bug and might offer you more help, related to their OS.

We do know of a workaround that will resolve this, if all else fails, but it involves a hard reset of your phone and not restoring it from a backup file. This is not necessarily an issue, depending on how much data you have on cloud-related services or other. The more offline content you have, such as save games, photos not stored anywhere else, text and note files or similar, the more risky a complete reset is for you.

But if you want to investigate this option, you can contact us directly and we'll talk you through it. You can then decide if you want to proceed or not.

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