I don't want commutes, but I want events for my commutes tracked anyway.

If you want your categories split up into their own sections, without getting merged into the Commute slice, there's a way to approach the Commute category that allows you to do this. 

Create a custom Activity, in Settings and Activity. Call this activity something that's relevant to you, like "Studying" or "On campus" if you choose School as your main occupation when launching Life Cycle. If you choose Work, then go for something that makes sense in that context, such as "Writing" or "Building" or whatever makes sense to you.

Make sure it can’t be confused with your default category, the one you picked as you initially started using Life Cycle - which is either School or Work. These default categories are hardwired to your commutes, and they're part of the reason why you get commutes. So you want to stay away from them, technically and in a figurative sense as well.

Once you arrive to the location previously labeled as Work (or School) - click on that slice. Edit the slice and select a new activity, the one you created above (“Studying” or "Building", for example). So your School or Work location should now have this as your new activity, the one you just created.

What will happen now, is that Life Cycle won't use the hardwired activities School or Work, and as a result, won't track your commutes. But you can still track your time spent on these activities, and as such, you will still know how much time you spend at work or in school. So you’ll get the data but not the commutes.

Should you in the future not be happy about this, you can always reverse back to the pre-defined categories. The change is non-destructive and your donut is just rendered again to show this change. 

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